At the Game Conference International. A gallery owner, artists David Shepard, John, Art Watson and Douglas Van Howd.

With Governor Victor Atiyeh proclaiming National Hunting and Fishing Day.

Doug Miller of Wildlife World Museum and John at Safari Club International Conference. Doug is a strong positive influence on all  areas of wildlife art and conservation education.

John and Ken Durbin, Oregon Fish and Wildlife biologist, setting out Brant rig.

At the English Game Conservancy fund raising dinner at the Dorchester in London. John, Bette and the Directors with the original "Artist of the Year" painting  donated for their auction.

One of the Petersen Prints national advertisements for John's  prints.

The first Texas Quail Forever fund raising dinner held at South Fork Ranch. The original "Artist of the Year" painting for the event was published  in a limited edition giclee print.

John's page in "Who's Who in Waterfowl Art".

Ducks Unlimited "Sponsor Artist of the Year" California.

Ducks Unlimited Artist, San Diego, California

John's artwork featured on the cover and inside Artist Spotlight of the Dallas Safari Club Magazine.

Waterfowl , Upland Game Birds & Animals Worldwide    972-422-3374

A lifetime of exposure to the outdoors and the many experiences with it's wildlife have been the inspiration for John's artworks. Certainly, this has contributed immensely to his ability to transform the sights of his own experiences, as well as those of others, into visual art. National recognition for John's work was received in the late 60's with the introduction of  his paintings in the New York "Crossroads of  Sport " catalog. From there, invitations to exhibit in national and international shows opened the door to international recognition. The donation of artworks have supported conservation efforts in many countries through Wildlife Organizations and Government  Wildlife Departments. Below are some of the experiences, over the years, that give credibility to the recognition of the quality and level of the artwork. 

Cover of the Ruffed Grouse Society magazine.

At the Wild Sheep show, John, Astronaut Joe Engle, Tom from Petersens Hunting magazine and conference participants.

"Ruffs on the Edge" was included in Sports Afield article Hunting's Top Painters.

Mzuri Wildlife International show.  Prime Minister Ian Smith and wife Janet of Rhodesia. The Wildlife Conservancy Committee from England selected John to be their "Artist of the Year" in London during this show.

Signing the State of Oregon Ducks Unlimited "Artist of the Year" print.

John L. Carter Wildlife Art

If you read French here is an article on John's artwork.

Signing the State of Texas Ducks Unlimited Sponsor "Artist of the Year" print.

This was a story in Petersen's Hunting Magazine that was to be about John's art, however, the writer seemed to focus on John's dog's work and the hunting. Hard not to do.

2018 Sponsor Artist of the Year painting. D. U. Frisco, Texas. John and Ron Geels

Signing of the Ducks Unlimited "Artist of the Year" print Houston, Texas.

John's art featured  and included in the Ward Foundation Museum collection.

Tony Ross, John and Bette at South Fork  with the first"Artist of the Year" painting for Texas Quail Forever fund raising dinner.